Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cowbootgirl, Flashlight mania, Swamp in the middle of suburbia!

Okey here is my salpicon.today we went to a swamp yes you are reading it right in the middle of Baton Rouge there is swamp..with a bunch of mommies the girls had lots of fun running and lots of screaming from the mami's

"Get out of the grass"
"Be careful don't fall"
"Don't push"
"Don't fight"
"Be nice" and the list can go on

Things that caught my attention today:

All of these mom's have pimping cameras I am talking couple of hundred dollar cameras (that includes me)
We all have cool looking SUV's (that includes me)
We all have pimping phones (That includes me)
We all talk about bottles, clothes, sleeping habits, what they are saying, how many teeth they have, etc everything is about the children all is mami talk although, I love it I never really picture myself in this kind of environment till after I had this two bundle of joys...boy life does change when you have a child.
We are just a bunch of suburbia mami's keeping our children busy.
All of these got me to think that this would be my 4th tax season that I don't work!!!!!!
(Thanks baba for working hard so I can stay home raising las nenas)

The funniest moment of all was when one of the mom's was changing little Billy (not using real names) in the corner of our nice wooded porch, and all of a sudden the breeze started to blow immediately all of the mami's including me pick up their child to smell their nalgas (butt) this was hilarious is just like an involuntary movement. I think that if they were to take a picture of us in that moment we were synchronized

Here are a few pics of the kids having fun:
When we came home the girls took a nap and seeing how Samia wake's up is the funniest thing in earth is a process

Gamila on the other hand is a happy camper when she wakes up
(nenas I take this chance, don't believe what you see in pictures, Gamila when I took this picture you had a terrible rash and with the wonders of the photoshop I clean out your face from the rash here is another picture I took seconds after the one above)
The best moment of the day mami is cooking dinner Samia you walk into the kitchen you cross one arm and with the other one you put your finger in your cheek.

Mami - "Samia what happens"
Samia - "I am thinking"
Mami - "What you are thinking"
Samia - "I need flashlight for the monster"
Mami - "If I get you flashlight you would sleep in your bed"
Samia - "Yes"

So I decide to call baba to get me a flashlight, baba did great he got two one for Samia and one for Milo and in addition to the flashlight he got Samiuta a pair of boots. They were a hit she is now the "Cowbootgirl".

Gamila and Samia you guys had so much fun playing with your flashlights and Samia you love your boots. Shookran baba.


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Look at those eyes!!!!!

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Michelle said...

I agree, when the wind blew and everyone was smelling booties looking to see if it was their child..that was pretty funny!

Your girls are just too precious!

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