Wednesday, January 28, 2009

3 Different Diagnosis for Gamila la Gamina

So Gamila had this bad rash on her face for the last couple of days, the dilemma started on Monday so I decided to go to the health food market and get her some kind of lotion, while I am in the middle of this Abuelo from Colombia calls me..and the moment I pick up the phone I was saying  "Uy que caro" (wow how expensive) I am relating to the 13 dollars that  I had just payed in a HEALTHY lotion.

So I start telling Abuelo what Gamila has how it looks and so forth and his comments were hilarious..I was laughing non stop in the parking lot.

Abuelo "Muneca eso no es nada lo que la nina tiene"
Mami "Bueno papi acabo de pagar 13 dollars esta vaina tiene que funcionar"
Abuelo "Hay mijita eso es esos americanos que a todo le tienen nombre para sacarle la platica a uno"
Mami "No me jodas"
Abuelo "Muneca eso debe de ser una pulgita que la pico dale unos dias y se va a mejorar"

Just to translate briefly abuelo's  conversation he thinks Gamila got bitten by a flea and that in America people give everything a name so they can take your money away!

Now we travel from Colombia to Egypt.

I received a call from Guido of course their main concern is how the girls are doing...I tell him that Gamila has a rash in her face..I can hear him telling Zetu and Suzzu and I can hear Suzzu rambling he goes ahead and translates what Suzzu thinks she has.  Her diagnose is bad eye, her cure read one of the  last Surah's from the Koran...I just love this lady she is the most adorable human being on earth.

Finally the Medical Diagnose she had a reaction to something she ate.  Cherries you are banned from Elashry Casa.

Is just so funny how we put this two countries together and I get from being bitten by a flea all the way to the bad eye...Ya Salam!!!!!


KKGhoffman said...

that to funny! But i am glad you figured out what caused the rash.

Jazmin said...

Lo bueno es que no te toco un abuelo como el mio que todo lo cura con un chorrito de pipis. HA! Te extrano mujer, trae a las nenas a jugar.

Jazmin said...
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Stylomom said...

Hi, Yes different cultures, but nice to have these, add some spice to life.. Can I add you to by blog list Mistika?

mistika said...

katherine - I was happy to find out what it was but now is turning into eczema because of the dry skin.

Jazmin - eso esta para morirse de la risa!

Stylomom - yes it sure helps the spice and yes add me I am adding you to mine as well ur girs are gorgeous.