Monday, December 1, 2008

Sweet and Sour

So today is Monday tomorrow Abuela would be leaving...and eventhough I don't say much I am already so sad, is a weird feeling I start missing her even before she is gone, although we have not done much since we all have being sick just having her around knowing she is there at night to watch over the girls when I am sleeping comfortable is an indescrible feeling.

Why is it that the only person we feel comfortable leaving our children with is our mother or our mother inlaw.

I love seeing las nenas interact with Abuela they are so happy around her so full of life, is an indescrible feeling. I know Abuela is sad as well but very happy that she got to spend some time with the girls and specially a trip that was not planned, she never though she was going to see us before the end of the year, one more thing to Thank God for, for giving me the chance to spend time with my mom.

Gamila is so attach to her she sees her and throws her arms for Abuela and Gamila since you have not being feeling well you even being sleeping with Abuela como diriemos en espanol que mimada la culicagada.

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