Saturday, November 29, 2008

A little under the weather!

So this last couple of days we being a bit sick first Samia with a terrible cough, fever and all of those nice things that the change of weather brings...poor Abuela is sick as well, coming from Miami to South Carolina for the wedding really got her sick. Gamila is doing good however today she started to cough so hopefully with a good nights rest she can out run the sickness. Mami has a little combo from everything that everybody has cough, at times fever etc etc etc...oh and Baba he is being working so so much he has not time to catch up with any of the germs of the house....Thank God.

Yesterday finally mami was able to finish the orange with almonds cake...the outcome was good BAba loves it since he loves almonds, Gamila like it as well, mami, abuela and Samia were not to thrill about it. However to finish the cake we have to do some garbage digging someone threw the newspaper away, and I confess it must had being me I love throwing things away.

Yesterday Abuela helped mami fix the girls room and make room for the Christmas toys, we are back to only one crib in the house it surely feels weird seeing only one crib, it feels like yesterday the three of us were fixing the room for Gamila's arrival (nenas I take this chance to tell you to live life to the fullest cherish every single special moment like planting a tree, building a toy, reading a book, taking a road side trip, going to the zoo etc).

Abuela and mami have also being doing a share of sewing and trying to understands this patterns oh Gosh I will not even get into it, they have me pulling my hair hasta me he puesto la panoleta de la berraquera que me dan esos patrones como abuela los llama que vaina mas enrredadas o seran estos gringos los que me enrredan con esas instruciones...el otro dia comentaba con Abuela cuando las nenas esten grandes y yo haga un comentario asi las nenas me van a decir MAmi nosotros somos americanas, el dia que eso ocurra me voy a morir de la risa...

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