Monday, December 1, 2008

Arbol de navidad

El Arbol de Navidad has arrived HO HO HO! Yesterday Baba and Mami took advantage that Abuela is here and we went to see the house in progress, I am so happy we are starting to see the maqueta being set up. Then we went to do some little Christmas shopping mainly for decoration and then El Arbol de Navidad.

When we came home I never though in 100 years that Samia was going to enjoy doing El Arbol so much, she just wanted more and more ornaments to be hang, we were all laughing saying how next year we need a bigger tree to be able to hang all of the ornaments.

Samia was all over the place screaming Feliz Navidad, Merry Christmas, Santa Claus, the best part of the night was when Gamila went to touch El Arbol and she push Gamila to the side. In her 2 year old mentality nobody is allow to touch El Arbol only her and mami.

I see it as a good sign she takes care of what she builds, because she did help us from the beginning, fixing the stand, putting the lights, to the ornament hanging to putting water in the stand.

It makes me so happy to see how she has develop and is amazing to see so many changes, I really think that only at this small age is when you see so many drastic changes every holiday. Last year she did not even know who was Santa. Masha Allah!

Last night Abuela wrap up the gifts that Santa left on our house. Nenas Santa has to make so many deliveries that he starts his delivery process early in December, oh nenas and yes if you are good girls, sisters, friends, daughters he would come and make a special delivery Christmas Day. Que vaina con este Papa Noel que senor mas ocupado!

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