Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Shokran 2008 Ahlan 2009!

Samia and Gamila I know that I do not write in the blog that much today is the end of 2008 . I just wanted to tell you that years are going to come and go but the words that I want you girls to know that we can make the best out of the days in the year, some days are going to be good and some are not! just keep trying and do not stop cause you had a bad day.

Try to have more good days than bad days and make sure at the end of the day when you put your head on the pillow that you feel good about what you did or tried to get done.
It will be days that you can not control what is coming your way but just think and be your self and always try to be strong.

2008 we had great times as a family and also had some hard times but with us sticking together we were able to finish the year.
Fi Masr el sana el gdida ma3naha en kol el 3eila to3d eodam el T.V and fix some akl and shorb we fi elbeet 3andana lama kont so3'air kona ben7awel neshar le7ad el sa3a 12:00 blil ana wa Miro and setko teb2a mesh 2dra tes7a ma3ana wa lama keberna shwaia baba kan be7ib y7'rog bara bas omy kant mesh bt7e keda cause people will be throwing glass on the street from the balcony and old stuff kinna at midnight kissing the year good bye withh all it's good and bad.

Seto kant tekalmny 3ala el ma7mool 100 times asking me to go home befor that show and I used to try to make it and sometimes I able to and some other years I was not and banat setoko kant mesh btkoon mabsota men keda and that was not a good way to start the new year!

Banat 2009 is about to start ba3d sa3at 2olila ya rab tkoon sana 7elwa 3alina kolna and always learn from the year that just passed.

I LOVE Mami,Samia and Gamila.


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Simply Eva said...

Happy New Year to a wonderful family! May the new year bring happiness to you all.