Thursday, January 1, 2009


Today I was thinking all of the questions and remarks I got when baba and I got marry oh and when we had kids...nenas people would ask me all the time and if they did not ask I will see the way their faces change when I said baba was from Egypt. I should also mention many of those comments were made to Abuela. Keep on mind these are the comments I got from Americans, Spanish people in different cities of the USA.

First I marry and Arab "OH Gosh she would be wearing a veil (oh en espanol no se demora en cubrirla) in no time"
"Oh no he is going to make her convert"
"Oh what are the kids going to be"
"Oh he is not going to let her work"
"Oh that marriage is not going to last"

And the list goes on..sad to say but very few positive remarks were made. While all of these was going on my inner comment was "Wow what a bunch of ignorants" I learn early on that there are things you don't fight, people would not understand because to some knowledge is a scary thing.

After meeting baba, mami decided to read the Koran not to become a Muslim but to understand a little bit. At the end my conclusion were.
If there was Moises then Jesus why there could not be a Mohamed, who was I to make such a conclusion. Also, believing this, does not make me less of a Catholic after all Christianity is based on God, Allah or Dios after all God is only one in every religion or language. God is not like the presidents that every country has a different. Another thing that always baffles with baba, Jesus is not the son of God well I think we all are the children of God in a figure of speech. This has also being a tricky sentence to me. Maybe one day I can understand it better.

When I went to Egypt couple of people asked why she has not convert. Baba would always respond why does she has to convert. After all Islam does not prohibits my marriage with her. WHY should I. I believe in the same that baba believes: Do not steal, do not lie, help others, and so forth.

To summon it up nenas you will learn that what matters is to believe in God, Allah, Dios. Have fear when you do bad, know that he can see what you think and he sees what you do, it does not matter what faith you choose. Learn that religion is within does not has to spend a whole day at church or at the mosque to be a good follower. What good is it if I spend the whole day praying or studying the Bible or reading the Koran if when I finish I start talking about others, I envy what other have etc. Be good inside and outside, do good to others be happy for others when they are happy. Be willing to help others it does not matter what little help you can offer just the thought of helping and taking time from your life to help is more than enough, if everybody would do this, this world would be a much better one.


Khadra said...

I love this post :)
I feel the same way you do about names for God. One God, many different names. So many wars could have been avoided if others understood this as well.

Stacey said...

That is some of the best advice you will ever/have ever given your children. Wonderful!

Mama Kalila said...

Nice... I remember getting comments when I dated my ex (he was Muslim). I read the Qur'an too and am very interested in the religion... but I'm still Catholic as well lol. My husband is Arab too, but Catholic (his whole family is and has been a long time). It makes life easier on us, but I still get comments from some of mine. Half of my family thinks we're Muslim...

Btw.. .to the many different names comment... Arab Christians call Him Allah too! :~D

Anonymous said...

Espere que las nenas crescan y ahi entonces te dire un cuento...