Wednesday, December 31, 2008

20,886 miles wrap 2008

So the end of 2008 is here and I wanted to summon it up. It was a year with allot of expected and unexpected things.

At the beginning of the year we were ecstatic baba had finally received his permanent immigration papers so plans to visit Egypt had started, Gamila was still too small so we had decided to postpone till the spring of 2009. Then our Mio felt ill at first we just though it was something she was going to recuperate from, however that would not be the final outcome. While all of these was going on many scenarios cross our mind baba would go alone and visit them and see Mio. However the inexplicable happened and our world was shatter Mio was gone and now we had Zetu, Guido, and Suzzu sad, lost wanting to hold in their arms their son. Plans then change we will be going to Egypt in the Summer. For this to happen many many trips were done to Texas to get baba's military papers organize. Mami and las nenas fixed their passports, and on August of 2008 our journey started.

Prior to leaving we found out baba would be staying in Baton Rouge so we went out and look for a house, this was something that we had being waiting for a while and finally now we were giving the GO, so we did not hesitate and stoke a deal and started building our house.

Egypt was a bitter sweet experience, is hard to explain how in so much sorrow there was a little of joy, but it happen Guido and Zetu were able to hold their grandchildren and their son. I was happy that at least we could bring a little bit of sunshine with the girls. The stay was great we shared with our family and we really got to see how much Amira had lived for las nenas (one day I will go in detail on these).

Like everything in life things come and go we return from Egypt on October the transition went great Thank God! Once again we were back to our daily life with new things to look forward. First we would go to Tio Cesars wedding in South Carolina this trip was a fast and furious, too long of a journey for such a short stay, the wedding was nice and most important we were all together before the holidays.

Once again back home getting ready for the holiday.

Dios, God, Allah I thank you for everything you have giving me this year, I am still trying to over come the why of Mio but I know I can not question you. Thank you for all of the new things I have learn and for allowing me to become a better person everyday that goes by, thank you for my nenas for the health they share, thank you for the husband that I was giving, thank you for my family and friends that surround me.

I can only ask you for health for us and to bring peace and health to so many people out there.

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