Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Funny Games!

So Samia does not stop running her mouth. I am actually thinking of recording her and then listening to it. So I can see how many words come out of her mouth per minute. I have tried to type them as she speaks but is not possible she is faster than me...I should also mention my lap top is missing 3 keys thanks to angel hands (Gamila).

So lately I being trying to go to as many play dates as I can mainly for Samia since she absolutely loves her FRIENDS or AMIGOS like she calls them....Well I should be truthful I do it for the chit chatting with the other mom's..

So today while Milo was napping I decided to play the Funny Game with Samia, don't try to Google it. It does not exist I made it up so it goes like this.
Samia I tell you a name of your friend and you tell me a word that reminds you of your friends. I am not sure if she really understands but is so funny to hear her say all of these words next to the name....
NO OFFENSE to any of her friends:

Alexandra Cake - Princess

Carson Cake - Volcano

Samantha Pepper - Bear (why pepper??? it still puzzles me)

Addison Cake - Cowgirl

Grady My friend - Cow

Owen Bubble bath - Banana (I think bubble bath was the kiss blowing today

Camryn Paper - Hug

Beck Paper - Mail

Lucy Volcano

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