Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Perks of being Elashry=Eid,Christmas,Ramadan,Los Reyes Magos

So once again the girls get to wear new clothes Eid is here..yes yes yes...not only do they do Ramadan, Eid, and Christmas oh and I forgot King days o los Reyes Magos wow wow.
So today we celebrated Eid I just make a mini party. Usually in Eid you take the kids out to play and it worked perfect because one of friends was having his birthday at CEC so Samia and Gamila were able to have some fun with their friends.
If we were in Egypt most likely Guido would buy the 7arufa and have it slaughter and then donate most of the meat to the poor, here at home I will cook Fattah for us and a nice cake, so baba can feel a little bit of the Eid spirit. This are the hard things of an immigrant having to spend the holidays far away from the family and country. Nenas that is why I always emphasise be thankful for everything.

It was so funny baba had not being feeling well but around 4 he took a shower and put on his Egyptian shirt it was so funny to see him come out making all of this sounds with all the treats we had gotten at the party earlier he was making so much noise and he enjoyed the food and the cake. Needless to say Gamila and Samia were in heaven and as far as me I love seeing them enjoying their time with baba on Eid

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