Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Belated Mabrouk Eid

So yesterday was EID but mami could not celebrate it with the girls, I was in bed the whole day I think I had a stomach virus poor Baba could not go to work I could not even get out of the bed. I think the last time I felt like this was when I was pregnant with Samia, I will never forget it was New Years Eve and I was throwing up non stop, I was even crying telling baba I want this to be over.

Yesterday while I was sick Samia was the sweetest thing to me our conversations went something like this"
Samia: Mama you okey?
Mami: So so tummy hurts
Samia: Mami I give you bossa you feel better mami.

I don't know if is the words or that sweet voice with a melody that just breaks my heart and at this point even though I am feeling sick I want time to stop and keep on hearing those beautiful words. I sometimes don't want time to go and be able to enjoy my nenas for ever this age, but that is beyond my control and I don't think there is nobody out there that has being able to come up with a formula for these to happen.

Thank God the Feast is 4 days so today we will give the girls the gifts and eat a meal for the feast, Inshallah next year Guido and Zetu can be with us to celebrate the feast, a couple of years back Guido was here with us for Christmas and he enjoyed it so much helping me do the tree, the decorations etc. I just love how our family is able to incorporate all of these nice holidays Alhamduliallah.

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