Wednesday, December 10, 2008

House full of germs!

So the germs are still all over my house I think they paid for the full months rent. I was hoping they had just prorated the rent, but no Baba still sick...and men sick is like taking care of a whole floor at a hospital.
So this morning the girls and I went to a cookie exchange it was lots of fun and the girls got to play a little with some new friends, and we got to bring home so many cookies those would be our desserts for the next couple of days.

So this last weekend I bought Samia some leg warmers I remember wearing those to do aerobics back when I was a teenager now I have a toddler that wont take those things off...Samia you are in love with those even posing in your panties with the leg warmers in front of the tree. I have to get some for GAmila oh well she does not walk...well Milo you do walk I have catch you several times taking 2 and 3 steps and then realizing this is too time consuming and crawling is so much faster. What can I say my curly head you just drive me crazy walking or crawling.

This last couple of days I have being glue to the TV from 9:30 to 10:00 PM they just started in Telemundo this new novela El Cartel and is completely film in Colombia with Colombian actors so I am enjoying it so much, however I was very selfish I have the book that my mom brought it this last time and I being reading it but I am only half way in the book so last night I was debating what should I do keep on reading the book or watch La Novela..Halfway my brainstorming in reference to this subject I felt so bad how dare I am wasting time in such a insignificant thing when there are people that really have big and serious problems out nenas I felt so bad that I prayed to God to help all of those that are in need now and thank him for everything I have and I get to enjoy. Nenas like I said before nobody is perfect but the beauty of life is trying to be a better person, and when we catch ourselves being selfish we have to stop for a moment and thank God and prayed for all of those that are in need.

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