Thursday, December 11, 2008

MY Mine Snow Man * 4 Xmas Pants * Carmelita the doll

So is being a busy day finishing Xmas pants, building a Snow Man and Carmelita the doll.

Last night after everybody went to sleep I decided to finish our Xmas day pants, a couple of months back I read online about a lady that makes the same pajamas pants for the whole family for the last 30 something years. So I figure it would be a beautiful tradition to start for the whole family. I think we would keep on using them past Christmas and what I would do is just cut the bottoms and save them to make a quilt for the girls one day with all the patches. Inshallah!!! Poor baba has to wear pink on the first year, but I know he is happy Samia pick the fabric so I know he does anything to make his princess happy.

So it has been in the news that it was going to snow in Baton Rouge and actually is funny I think a couple of days ago I posted how the weather outside reminded me when it was going to snow and today when we woke up we had an early White Christmas. Last night when I went out to walk the dog it was warm compare to what it had being earlier on the day, I came inside and I told Baba bookra (tomorrow) talc (snow) and he said I don't think so Mistika...well well I was right.
I woke up Samia so she could go out and see the snow the first thing she wanted to do was to look for I showed her where Santa was coming from. She did some walking well she actually was calling it "Skating", she had a blast she wanted to build a snow man so we did a mini in top of the car.

After being outside for a while Samia wanted hot Chocolate, it was funny we were singing "Bate, bate el chocolate" Dora the Explorer we came inside and did some spanish hot chocolate. Here is Samia and Baba batiendo el chocolate

So I guess all of you are wondering where is Gamila sleeping and I though it was unfair to wake her up and take it outside in that cold weather sorry Milo I guess you will see snow later on.
After warming up with a hot chocolate we headed outside again Samia would not stop talking about her Snow Man, Santa, Snow Angels and her skating she thinks that if there is snow you only skate you don't walk...well girls I should confess I am so afraid of skating, I tried skiing once and gave up on it is just not for me. So let's see if Gamila or Samia h would be my skater or skier.
So we build another Snow man and this time baba and mami made sure to make the Snow Man so she could see it from our balcony, since Samia did not stop asking for her Snow Man the first time
Samia you were still asking for the Snow Man and the Snow right before I put you down to sleep you asked me "Mami more snow tomorrow" ,
Samia you are so sweet you are always saying "I love you mami, baba, Gamila,my friends"
I told you tomorrow you are going to see your friends and the first thing you said was "I love my friends, I hug my friends" Samia don't change there is nothing more beautiful than a sweet person, I love you princesa.
Here you are looking at your Snow Man for the million time today

Nenas you are finally starting to play together at times or at least sharing at least once during the day here the two of you are enjoying a nice ride. Gamila you are riding the elephant and Samia you are riding the Zebra
Okey in another note, my friend Bonnie has being talking to me about making a stuff animal for the girls, I have no idea on how to make one so last night I started searching the net on how to make a doll. I Came across many sites but one in particular said "Use your imagination"
So I did. I remember when I was little girl we had a maid that used to live with us but every Saturday we would driver her to Buenaventura. Buenaventura is a port city in Colombia actually one of the biggest ports, the people from this town are very happy and love to go dancing and music. I always remember that when we used to drive her back home she would get all dress up I guess Saturday night meant party night so I use some of her resemblances specially for the accessories so I made Carmelita for Samia.
I did the pattern myself so of course is not perfect but I think it came out pretty good for being my first one. Carmelita measures about 16 inches and it has all kind of materials. Jean, felt, and for the base I used the fabric leftover from the Xmas pants, I also put sequins.
I sewed each piece individually only leaving the ends open.
The top of the head open
The end of the arms
The end of the legs
Then I put everything inside the body were it is suppose to fall and sewed the body backwards, I only left the spot between the legs open, after sewing it I pulled the whole doll thru the hole from the body and WAlla everything was in place
Afterwards I stared stuffing and decorating.
Samia saw it as I was stuffing it and decorating it she did not want me to stop, she even entertain Gamila so I could finish it, however she did not get to see the finish doll she would have it Christmas day.


KKGhoffman said...

You are a sewing Queen now!! I love the PJs idea. I am going to try to do that :)

Kim said...

OH MY GOSH - you are a super mom - I can't believe you do all of this! When do you SLEEP? The PJ's are fantastic! And the doll is the cutest thing I have ever seen! DO YOU GIVE LESSONS! Oh, and the girls get cuter every day - you are so blessed. So am I!