Friday, December 5, 2008

Mabrouk Habibi - Cookie time - Dr. Samia

Baba, Habibi, Pollito Mabrouk!!!!!!!!!!
Today we woke up to have some fun all around, first Samia was directing the traffic we had to drive to the airport to drop off a car so Baba was driving behind us, since he drives so slow I figure this is the only way I can have him keep up with me...oh nenas I am already teaching you guys:
Chofer, Chofer mas velocidad unda la chancleta y vera como se va!!!
This was a song we used to sing back in Colombia when we were in field trips or when Abuelo was driving, mainly we are telling the driver to stick his foot in the pedal.
Okey let me get back to my story so as we are driving Samia kept on asking for baba so I told her he is behind us and since she could not see him she would be screaming "Car Stop Baba Come" I think she did this for about 10 minutes afterwards she felt asleep, well I can not blame her she did wake up at about 4:30 AM....I think she was missing baba since she had not seeing him the day before, because she woke up and went straight to look for her charming prince.
Then later on Alexandra came to stay with us for a little while they had so much fun together even decided to do some reading and Christmas decorating...
I really wanted to take Samia and Gamila to the arrival of Santa but is being cold and the girls were sick the last couple of days so we opted for something inside when our friend Jenny call us to invite us to a mini Christmas party mainly cookie decoration imagine decorating cookies with 6 children under 3 wow wow lots of screaming, cleaning up, laughter and fun fun fun.
So at Jenny's Samia found a Dr. kit and Gamila and her had so much fun with it, well I should said that most of the mommies in the house were seen by Dr. Samia, she just chased everyone specially Gamila and Ashley poor Ashley my daughter did not leave her alone.
Gamila you had fun as well, although I think you did not know what to do with some much frosting
Samia on the other hand you love the Cookie especially the eating part!!
Las amo nenas

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