Thursday, December 4, 2008

Why Complain

First of all I love the day outside it reminds me when I used to live in New York and it was about to snow it would be cold and cloudy...oh I wish it would snow in Baton Rouge...yes is just a wish I think it only snows here every two or three decades most likely I wont be here the next time it does.

Today the day started early and without Baba he is in Dallas so I was alone I got the girls up early to go and see the Dr. Gamila has not being feeling well so I took her thank God she had\s no infections but she has something call Bronchiolitis, I think the name is more scary than the disease...well she is in medicine and Inshallah in a few days she would be back to her self.

After the Dr. mami had all intentions in going to music class however between Gamila's fuzziness and Samia's little gift of #2 in her jeans in her car seat kind of spoil the moment and mami got frustrated and just drove back home, at this point I wanted to start writing and venting on how hard it is being a mami how much work...but I stop myself from doing it. Why complain????? I think the job of motherhood is so much better than any other job I had. AT least I am building my own enterprise when I work for another company only they grow and expand after I leave the most I take is my 401K and yes some years of experience but that can not be compare to my job as a mom.

Nenas I know I am not perfect nor I want to be 100% perfect the thrill of life is getting better and better at what we do everyday and since in every stage of life we are confronted with new stuff we are always learning and trying to achieve perfection in every stage. However the one thing I can tell you nenas try not to complain too much if we stop for a minute and analyze how much energy we waste when we complain, we will realize that we are making matters worst. Look around you and see what you guys are thankful for and enjoy this morning I look at these two little people and my mixed emotions like I like to call them disappeared.

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