Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Weird, Imaginativo, Odd??

So today we stayed home I feel so bad when I run around the whole day my poor Milo only sleeps pieces here and there making her a sleep deprive baby because of her mami, but when we stay home she takes her nice long naps...

So I try to have a no TV day for Miss. Samia...after crying crying fussing and spending a while in her crib she realize that the ball was in my court so we were going to play by my rules and her imagination was great just a few of her games....

Penguin is her baby he even has a pull up on thanks to Baba...(Samia with just a word and a look baba goes out of his way to do something for you) last night baba wrestle the penguin to get a pull up his round behind.
-Penguin and Samia had a nice relaxing time in the bathroom.

-Samia was my model for my clothes.

-Gamila, Samia and Penguin had a nice nap in the balcony.

-Samia and Gamila tried to take a nap in the couch impossible because of MILO

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