Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sewing trial and error

So my sewing skills are not good. I am not sure but for some reason I can not understand a pattern figure that and I am an accountant what is more confussing that the federal goverment tax law books. I am okey till the part I cut the fabric when the sewing instructions come up I am blank, maybe I fear making a mistake. Since I am anal retentive everything has to be perfect. So what I do is go and buy the cheapest fabric on the store, get some of the girls clothes and take if from there. The pillowcase dress I finally have master them (no joda despuese de dananar como 10 yardas es justo y necesario)

Yesterday I venture to make a peekaboo dress (yes I had no idea there was a name like that for a dress but after so much searching on the net I found it) I made Samia one and it has a few flawss here and there but I think is decent...oh and the best part with the left over I made Milo a pair of pants YES YES you read right pants.....well they were sleeping when I finished the projects so I guess I will look at the final product when I can try them on. Inshallah it fits. UPDATE..the dress fits perfect, however Milo's pants I will be lucky if I can stick her leg in there and let's not even talk about the nalgas (bottom) ...no place for those.

One thing about mami she does not give up she tries and tries and tries well Walla finally got the pants done this are for Samia those came out perfect of course there are flaws but I know the more I practice the better the final product would be.

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Stacey said...

I am so jealous... you're stuff looks fabulous. Are you kidding I would pay you to make stuff for me cause I am way to lazy to fiddle with changing my bobbin thread.