Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Random things, Gamila's Dr. check up

Today we went my petite girl to her one year old check up and yes the news I have a very beautiful PETITE girl! Thank God she is perfect Elhamdolelah, Gracias a Dios wow I said it in our three famous languages.
So today Gamila rode for the first time facing foward..we left Samia home and mami and Gamila went to the stores alone. Gamila enjoy it I think she loves it now.

When we were driving to the stores I saw the most beautiful Sunset..the whole day had being gloomy and raining and at around 5:15PM this is what it looked like outside...I just had to take a picture for some reason we get so busy with our daily life that we forget how beautiful our surroundings can be.

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KKGhoffman said...

Oh man the sunset was beautiful today. I could not help but look at it. It was the most vivid yellow and purple while I was watching it.