Monday, November 24, 2008

Tio Cesar's Wedding

So this past weekend we drove to Tio's Cesar wedding.  It was a very nice time with the family the only two things that I was not too happy with was the long drives, but nenas I have to admite overall you guys behave very good.  We took off on Friday early mornng we drove and drove until we will hear in the back "Mami pipi, me pipi in my dora potty".... maybe 30 minutes later "Mami me popo".....if not we will have Gamila crying or needing a diaper change.  This went on for about 13 hours of making stops every couple of hours, but this is life with children.

We finally arrive and the long drive was all forgotten when we got to see my family it was great to see Abuela, Nono. los Tios, las primas.
So baba after seeing so much fun and had the idea that Abuela had to come back with us, 2 days was not enough for her to spend time with las nenas, so we started to convince abuela to comeback with us and to our happiness she did.
So finally Saturday  came and it was time for the wedding or like Samia would say the "Party, we dance and eat cake"
So after so much fun it was time to come back once againg a long trip, but thank God Abuela was between the nenas making the ride much smoother.

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