Thursday, November 20, 2008

Papa Noel, Caring

Tomorrow we would be in SC Inshallah. Today we went to music class and it was like Samia had ants in her behind she did not stop singing, dancing, and being an entertainer. I was not sure if I was going to enroll her for the next session, but after today my mind change.

Samia you are so funny lately. We really did not talk much about Santa only yesterday and a couple of times last week, but Santa or Papa Noel like you call him is all over the keep on coming to me telling Noel is outside in other words big fat Papa Noel is in every possible hole in our house.

Lately you sign all the time you make up songs like Baba and Mami no here, my sister sleeping etc and etc but every time is in a musical tone.

Also when I ask you to do something you respond "Mami me no here"...

Today I found an arabic song about Papa Noel but of course it would be Baba Noel I think I played that song like 30 times, oh and I should mention you made me open the door a couple of times telling me Papa Noel was outside.

Also mami put your letter to Santa in the refrigerator door, and you always go and look at it I think you are afraid that it is going to disappear.

Nenas in Colombia we do not celebrate Thanksgiving, that is bummer I think is such a wonderful holiday that every country should celebrate it...well of course if you are doing it the right way giving to the ones that are in need. However nenas I take this time to let you know that not only in special occasions we give to the ones in need, remember everyday someone is in need and there is many forms of need not always is material things. Maybe they only need a person to hold their hand, to listens to them, to share a laugh to feel appreciated. Always remember that nenas. I know nenas I am preaching again, but I just want for the two of you to be compassionate human beings, and this we learn from an early age and is mami's duty to start showing you the opportunities to show love for others.

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