Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Lucky all around!

Nenas I feel we are so lucky all around.  Abuela is with us, there is nothing bettter than spending time with mami the bond between a daughter and mom has no boundaries, this bond is full of love, laughter, understanding...oh well yes nenas I LOVE ABUELA!!!!!

Yesterday we stayed home resting from the long trip Samia you decided to play crown princess the whole day, and Gamila you follow princess Samia all over the place.

Gamila the last couple of days you are getting better at walking with the help of a walker, a hand or the walls, what can I say my Gamila la Gamina!!

So today we went to the Book Store Curious George was there for the kids to take pictures, Samia you had no idea who George was so you decided not to take a picture with him.  However at the entrance mami was offered to sign up for a drawing they were going to have at the end of the show, so I did not even knowing what the prize was.  After leaving mami gets a phone call saying that we won.....wow wow at this moment when I told you we won a gift you told me "MAmi Georg is my friend"

Abuela is here and Samia you decided to give her a hand washing the dishes and you even got to put your crown while you did it. 

Nenas abuela is sewing for the two of you some cool outfits soon we will see the final product.

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