Friday, November 14, 2008

Midnight Cake, Dientes time, Fresh Laundry, Princess!

So when I though my birthday was over baba came right before midnight and brought me a cake that he even decorated last minute at the store.  The girls were sleeping already but at least Siwa got to enjoy the cake and the picture.

Today we stayed home doing house always something happens that I just have to take a picture of.

For instance I was doing laundry while baba and Samia were in Target having some baba and Samia time, so I put down the basket in the living room while I went to get something to drink, when I came back I found that the bucket was 20 pounds heavier....Gamila had decided to enjoy the fluffly warm clothes I don't blame her there is nothing better than the feel and the smell of clean clothes.

After baba and Samia came back it was night night time so I  walk into the room to find Samia drawing in her pull  up, I screamed to baba "What is she doing", well the story goes that she wanted to put a princess pull up but we are out of them so baba convince her to draw on the other pull up to make it a princess one and she absolutly loved the idea.

After getting dress it was time to clean los dientes and that did not go so well

I had already put Gamila to sleep but she was crying I think she was missing Samia when I went inside the room I took her out of her crib and this what I got, my little spoil rascal.

Baba put Samia to sleep and she had to bring her Yo Gabba Gabba friends  with her and they went to sleep with her, I just love to see you go to bed you are the sweetest thing when you put your head in that pillow.

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