Saturday, November 15, 2008

First library trip!

So baba once again had to work. Baba I know you read this once in a while but the girls and mami are so proud to have you as a baba, we know all the sacrifices you do for us.

So mami has being noticing that Samia is getting bigger and understanding more so today I talked to her about the library and what we would do there and how we should behave, so off we went to the library with some friends. I tried to take some pictures but silly mami did not charge the camera enough, oh well things happen.

I was really amazed to see my Samia behave so well with her friend. Is amazing to see how much she enjoyed looking at the computers and picking the books here and there, I am so proud of my little princess Inshallah she would love books like mami does, but once again that is what I would like from you but when you grow up you will choose what you like. Is weird but as a mom I have found that the hardest battle is to let her choose what she wants to do while I just watch from the sideline, of course with mami always being the referee in this game, by doing this I have notice how she is starting to build her own personality.

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