Friday, November 7, 2008

Happy Birthday,Feliz Cumpleanos, Kolo Santa Wenty Taeba Gamila (Milo)

So is official you are 1 year old yeppy yeppy....

Gamila you have change my life in so many ways. I learn what is to have a very active baby, needy and clingy baby...and I love every single minute of it.

I love to see you standing up in your crib when I walk in in the
morning and you look at me with those beautiful eyes and those
curls all over the place.

I love when you say tete.

I love when you give me a bossa.
I Love to see how you giggle with your sister.

I love the fact that it takes me 10 minutes to put your pamper on.

I love when I have to carry you around when I am doing the vacuum cleaning.

I love to see you get into every possible hole we ha e in the house.

I love when you try to play Houdini.

I love to see you get mad when we take something away from you.

I love to see you smile when mami or baba are silly.

I love when you put your thumb in your mouth and grab your blanket to go to sleep.

I love to give you a bath and see you playing with the water.

But most important I love the fact that you are my daughter.

Today the two of you have being up since early Oh and Samia you want to be call the birthday girl as well, you are so little that you don't know understand, mami also bought you a little gift so you will not be left out.

I made the cake. The process started at around 9:00 AM and finish it about 1:30 PM between taking care of the kids, baking and decorating it turn out to be a very very long process. First I did a drawing to have an idea of the colors and the position, then I kind of mark where each cake would go in the cardboard.

Then I bake the cake well I actually had to do two batches since I only had 3 containers I did not want to spend an outrageous amount in the pans so I look and look till I found some that were similar. I also put more batter in some and in some less to make a little different side balls. I try to follow her toy that she likes. For the decorating I had an idea of the colors. The icing was whipped cream since I dislike the one that is so sweet so I mixed the colors till I got the shades I wanted.

For dinner I made spaghetti's since I know both of the girls like it. We waited for baba to come we had dinner then we cut the cake but the girls enjoy so much the cake that they had to go and take showers right away. Then we opened the gifts, it was a great day with the girls.


Stacy said...

I love the cake!

Trucks & Tutus said...

GREAT JOB on the cake! Gamila is such a JOY to us all! I cannot believe she is already one! Feliz Cumpleanos!