Saturday, November 8, 2008

Another B-Day !

Today we had allot of fun going to Alexandra's bday party. The girls had a really nice time and I can not leave myself out I enjoy the company and most important seeing las nenas have a nice time.

Samia you were always with your friend Alexandra after everybody left you and Alexandra decided to draw in the easel. Then you guys cook a little bit in Alexandra's kitchen, that was into Alexandra tried to feed Samia and you bite her finger...poor Alexandra.

that did not walk till she was 16 months...yes Gamila you were in every bodies arms I think only a few people did not get to carry you. You are starting to take steps when you are holding to things....truly I can not wait till you start walking at least my two hands would be back...I am hoping you walk in the next months not like SamiutaSamia you waited till 16 months to walk, poor mami's and baba's arms and back..and you were not that light neither.

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