Sunday, November 16, 2008

Nuevos descubrimientos, Pensamientos!

So my baby is growing meaning Samia sometimes I look at her and I wonder where has time go, now she can sit and do some crafts..we have being working in staying still and drawing for a while, today we played Memory for the first time I wanted to buy her the game but today I knew she was ready. Today I bought Gamila some new sippy cups I had never purchase those for Samia. So after Gamila finish her lunch, I brought out the new sippy cup, when Samia saw it she said Carson's and I did not understand till after I realize those are the sippy cups her friend Carson uses, at that point I knew she was ready for the memory game.
The only thing I can recommend for any mami that is going to start doing that with their child is patience and more patience...she got the concept of turns after maybe 4 games...she does not really how the game goes but she understands that she has to match the cards. I will keep on playing it with her till she learns.

After that I teach her to glue things, so after we went around the house looking for things to glue from the newspaper, paper, cotton, little fur balls the only thing she saw and told me we could use was tela (fabric), I though that was good is a start.

She is also starting to trace her hand, it amazes me to see her, maybe I am just one of those mami's that drools over their children sometimes I have come to realize that I have to sit down for a second and just observe her to realize how much she has grown.

Oh on another note I made a tutu for the girls well mainly for Samia it fit her great the two of them were happy wearing it, Samia call it her princess skirt. Gamila just wanted to pull it apart, I guess I should make Gamila a tool belt, just kidding Milo. For all we know Milo turns out to be more feminine than Samia.


This weekend coming up we would be going to Tio Cesar's wedding in SC is going to be a fast and very long trip but we would see everybody, las nenas don't realize it but I know all of us the grown up are very excited to spend at least 2 days together, knowing we would not see each other para so sad how the holidays come and we can not be with our love ones, I think when we are young we don't realize how important it is, but as we grow older and have a family of our own we realize how important the company of the family is and how much stronger it makes us. I always think how I was not able to grow up with my Abuela and here are my girls with Abu, Zetu, Suzzu, Guido, Nono, Abuelo and they can not spend more time with them because of life circumstances, but I never loose hope Inshallah one day the whole family can be together. I always wonder how that would be my mom with Zetu so different in so many ways but have so much in common just the love of my two nenas. I have seeing Nono and Guido together and although they have a language barrier, they even cried when they said goodbye not sure how they communicated but I guess is all the love they have for us and for the girls that just makes them know what each other want.

Actually remembering a few years back Amira and Abuela were in our house at the same time and they had a language barrier, but the two of them would go out shopping together when I was at work, they would cook together and best of all would even share the same room don't ask me how they understood each other. The only thing I know is that as the years went by they always asked for each other and Abuela would always send things for Mio and viceversa, and to this day Abu cries when she remembers Mio. Well the truth I still cry everyday when I see her picture in las nenas room. I keep a picture of Mio in the nenas room with a fresh flower, she loved flowers that is the least I can do for her since I can not go to visit her. Nenas that is the first person that die while mami was an adult when Andres Felipe my little brother die I was too young to remember. There is really no words that I could say to you guys so things would be easier when something like this happens in any of your lives, the only thing I can say is always remember that person in its happiest moments, and I have to be sincere baba teach me that. Also know that Dios, God, Allah always have a plan for us, don't question him he knows best. The day we are born we have our destine, destino, maktoob.

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Stacey said...

You are just becoming the crafty-est mama I know lady. First dresses now tu-tus! You are unstopable.