Monday, November 3, 2008

Doggie Park who would had known! Camping!

Nenas today we had a gorgeous, fantastic day. We had plain fun with our good friends, enjoying a beautiful sunny day picking up leaves, running, playing in the swings and remembering mami's childgood memories.

Remember nenas simple is much better than fancy. Simple is easier and much more rewarding than fancy. Simple can be accomplish anywhere, no preparation just improvising.

I was remembering when I was little we would go camping with Abuelo, Abuela and Cesar and Mauricio, Abuelo used to take 4 weeks off and we will go driving all over Colombia and stop and camp. There are many places that I don't remember but one that I remember very well is Covenas we will camp right outside the beach and Tio Fabio and me would run at around 6 AM to the beach..we will also go at night in the water with Abuelo.
I remember Abuelo would lift us and throw us against the waves, that is the way I lost the fear of the waves.

This is mami in Covenas and Tio Fabio


After coming home today baba was fed up with Siwa she is a puppy and like is to be expected she acts like one. So I told him she needs to run and get her energy out so we took her to the doggie park we had seeing a couple of days before around our house. Baba went in with Siwa and she had fun running, chasing other dogs and playing fetch. The girls and I stayed outside watching all of those dogs. When we were leaving baba started laughing and mumble I can not believe what I just did. So I asked him what happen, and he went on to tell me: When he arrived in NY he used to work in a deli and had to take the N train from Astoria to the City he used to get off in 23rd and had to walk through Madison Square Park. He would always see people taking their dogs to this park. Coming from Egypt he could not believe his eyes, why would people get into the trouble of going to a park just for the dog to run, when it was cold with wind chills below zero or in the hot humid summers. Only in America someone would do that, in Egypt you don't keep dogs at home is rare for people to have dogs as pets, they are wondering on the streets or as guard dogs in properties. And here we are a few of years later driving not walking like they do in New York to take our dog for a they say you should never talk. In Spanish we say something like El que escupe pa' arriba en la cara le cae (I will try to translate but this is one of those things that can get lost in translation. The one who spits up it lands in its face) THIS IS FOR YOU NENAS, always measure your words, they can come back to hunt you.


So Christmas is around the corner this year I will make my ornaments. Since Samia is getting bigger I will ask her to give me a little hand. Samia I have started to talk to you about Christmas/Navidad. So far I say Merry and you answer Christmas or I say Feliz and you answer Navidad

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