Sunday, November 2, 2008

Pillow Case Dress, Good bye maquina, Las Nenas

So last night I put everybody to sleep, and then finish my pillow case dress. I am happy with the finish product a few flaws here and there. For instance I should had purchase 2 yards of ribbon instead of 1.5 yards. I should had made it a little shorter, but I guess it was not bad for my first try. I also did a pleated skirt of Diego, Samia you love him and his Baby Jaguar.

Samia when you woke up the first thing you said "mami you made vestido"you just love the dress and skirt. Is wonderful to make you this pieces of clothing and the way you say thank you mami you made for me just melts my heart. Samia you are just so full of life today you were wearing: Dora Socks, Wings, Diego , and princess shoes and of course a Dora bandage.

Oh and lately you are into playing the harmonica


But like always in the Elashry Casa not everything is fun, after everybody was awake I was putting away my sewing machine and SAmia you pass running by my side and behind Siwa not sure how it happen but I drop my sewing machine. A bit of history on my sewing machine it has being with me for over 6 years, Yehia gave it to me, this machine was my start to selling in EBAY. So I was all upset almost crying because the place to plug the pedal went inside the machine. So Yehia felt so bad and open it up to see if he could fix it, even Samia gave him a hand but sadly it was the end of it. I think with the fall the motor broke inside.

In the afternoon we decided to go to Sears and get mami a new maquina, a simple one I don't believe in fancy sewing machines, I only use it for basic projects. Since we were at the mall already we decided to take Samia to the playground and she had some fun.


So today we decided to drive by the lot to see if any progress was made in the building of the new house...and luckly enough we found they move the dirt around and put the marks, hopefully soon they would lay the foundation. Nenas finally we will have our first home. Mabrook!!!!Mabrook!!!!

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