Sunday, November 9, 2008

Pao Pao to mami!

Nenas like I mention before this blog-book is a way for you two to learn about mami and baba but hopefully for the grandchildren as well, and is also a way for mami to learn from her mistakes. Nenas not only in motherhood but any other task is impossible to teach if we don't follow what we preach.

Abuelo and Abuela always teached me that when I would do something to do it right and with the desiere of doing it. Today as I looked at yesterdays post-entry I realize I did not do it with desire I just wanted to get it done, I did not spend time fixing my pictures like I always do etc. Deep down I know I did it to get it out of the way. Nenas I know is little things but life is made of little things, so I take this opportunity to preach to you guys.

When any of the two of you have to do something do it right put all your effort on it for insignificant that it is, it has to be done right with desired and the outcome would prove it. I test this everytime I cook when I cook with love, desired not because it is a task is a pleasure it goes fast and most importantly it taste delicious.

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