Wednesday, October 29, 2008

When did stamps became bandage, Earrings!

Today when it came time for nap, baba puts you in the crib and you start showing us a your wawa with your bandage we look at it and then look at each other amazed, when did stamps became bandages......well I guess I should had never purchase the Disney Stamps.
  • Samia just for you info when you were born stamps were 30 cents in less than 3 years they are up to 42 cents.
  • Gamila when you were born the stamps were 41 cents, by the time you read this they might even be over a dollar.
  • When mami came to the US the stamps were 22 cents
  • When baba came to US the stamps were 34 cents


On another note Gamila you are almost 1 year old and mami has not gotten you earrings, well I had all my intentions in your 9 month check up but then they found that little weird sound in your heart so mami had not mind for your earrings, and now you look like my little boy...but I promise you Milo you will get them before christmas.
Nenas in Colombia and Egypt the moment you are born the earrings come on, so to me earrings are a very important.

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