Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Reading Update 3

So here is what I have read and what I am reading currently.

I finish Amando a Pablo, Odidando a Pablo by Virginia Vallejo - great book, I really enjoy it not sure if everything is 100% truth but Virginia Vallejo did a wonderful job telling her story, this I finish in Egypt.

While in Egypt I had no more books so we went to the book street and bought.
The Ragman's Son by Kirk Douglas - the story of Kirk Douglas, it was interesting knowing about his roots it shows you that no matter how famous you are your heritage is always there.

There was another book I read that I found in Amira's bookshelf don't remember the name it was a small book a crime novel.

Here at home I just finish Taxi by Khaled Al Khamissi - this is one of the books we purchase in Egypt, is the copilation of 50 dialogs the author had with egyptian taxi drivers, is a very funny, realistic book, it just shows the reality of Egypt.

And of course my National Geography on the side.

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