Thursday, October 30, 2008

Musica, Mazika, Music! Gamila

So this morning I woke up to a spider woman, wearing red Christmas pajamas.

So today was musica class like Samia would say it. Samia you love this class today you were paying attention at Miss Sonia and following her in several occasions, I really hope you like instruments and you have an ear for music. Since your mami's dream was shatter by a mean teacher at a very young age. Samia and Gamila Abuelo was taking mami to piano classes in Colombia and maybe after a few sessions the teacher called Abuelo and in a very plain way said "Don Fabio no gaste su dinero, su hija no tiene oido para la musica" (Mr. Fabio, don't waste your money, your daughter has no ear for music) and that is how my music dream was shatter. I guess the only way I feel the music is standing up and dancing.

After class we went and run some errands and then home. All of us are a bit under the weather this days..even mami now is catching what my two princess had.


Gamila in a about a week you will be 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1, I can not believe that a a year ago I had a big belly and was anxiously waiting for your arrival. Baba knew that I was getting preclampsia, but it was not showing in my urine or in blood pressure.. I was getting headaches but not telling anybody, because I was so afraid of the C-Section it was weird but I was just petrified of the operation.

On Wednesday November 7, 2007, baba push the doctor to order blood test because he had a feeling I had preclampsia. The Dr. was very arrogant and told baba that he was wrong and told us the test had to be paid out of our pocket, baba told them to go ahead and order them surely enough the test were done at 12 o'clock and 3 hours later he was calling us to schedule an emergency C-Section. I guess baba knew.

Girls some odd but interesting facts, the two of you were born on a Wednesday, days that were full of sunshine and blue skies, with a little cold breeze. The two times I had the gestational diabetes and the two times mami had chicken soup prior to the births. The two of you were born emergency C-section, in the early hours of the evening.

  • Mami was born on a Wednesday
  • Baba was born on a Monday, so all the girls in the house are Wednesday girls.

Gamila when they were performing your C-section mami was very sick, my blood pressure drop, and I was disoriented during the operation but something I remember was when the nurses kept on saying "look at those long eyelashes". I could also remember hearing baba on the back telling me Mistika talk please talk, you speak 3 languages talk to me. Thank God everything went okey and a few hours later I was holding you.Samia the only thing you said when you saw Gamila was "NONONO"

So here you are climbing in everything, today I found you in top of this container, however to come down there were tears and screams.

You are a flip expert or so you think at the age of 11 months.

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I love the spider woman picture.