Friday, October 3, 2008

Spinning Thoughts

So Gamila you are going to be almost a year, and today I was remembering how was Samia at your age, it was not that long ago but there are so many things I have forgotten, hopefully is a normal thing.

But one thing that I have started with Gamila is telling her NO when she is doing something wrong, Gamila you just look at me very seriously and then you give me a smile, when I raise my voice and say Gamila NO NO you just start to laugh, and still do it. Samia you on the other hand when you were close to one year old and I will say NO you would look at me like what is happening, but when I will raise my voice you will look at me with your scared look and most of the time go the other way.

Samia then by a year an half I introduce the chancla to you, I first spank you a little bit, but I don't like spanking with the hand it can be too rough at times, so I found myself a very light chancla that makes more sound than anything else, and I used it a couple of times after that I say chancla and you know, I have used it very seldomly after that. However Samia as you have gotten older, I have to start combining the chancla with my mean look, or mami se va a poner brava, or with 1, 2 if I hit 3 the chancla is going to fly, is funny I used all of these phrases and most of the time right when I am about to say number 3 you stop what you are doing. I guess as you get older new tactics would start to be used. Gamila not sure what would work with you yet, but I have a feeling is going to be very different from Samia.

Sleeping Gamila you don't like to sleep as much as your sister loved to sleep at your age, I remember Samia being 1 waking up at 7 taking her milk and going back to sleep again till 10 or later.

Oh Samia you used to crawl and make one of your hands like a fist, Gamila you don't and you are a much faster crawler than Samia was.

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