Saturday, October 4, 2008

Last Night! Mixed feeling! Salam Masry

So tonight is my last night in Masry, tomorrow at about 3 o'clock in the morning we will be in our way to Cairo to catch our plane. Today has being kind of sad day just knowing the time is coming close plus I know Yehia's parents are very sad, Guido cries all the time I know he is going to miss the girls dearly. The house is going to be so empty it already because of Mio then Yehia and now us.
I have already made most of the bags just last minutes stuff I will do tomorrow. Samia Guido played with you today the whole day and your aruzas he played they went to sleep they woke up they were going to the madrassa he is just the best Gudio in the whole world.
From week 10.05.08

Gamila you eat guava like there is no tomorrow I guess you know you will not be eating it back home. I will ask Abuela to bring us some from Miami when she comes I promise you Milo.
From week 10.05.08

Suzzu made my favorite food today and I also learned how to make it once again, and she took the time to teach me how to make the zaabedi.
From week 10.05.08
From week 10.05.08

Tomorrow I will go to the cemetery for the first time I did not want to go, but I can not go in peace if I know I was here and I did not go and see my Mio. Is so hard leaving you, leaving Suzzu and not knowing when we will be back to see Suzzu breaks my heart. There are so many things I want to take from Mio's back home but I don't know where to start, and the worst part I don't have room in my bags. Samia and Gamila the thing that hurts the most is that you were not able to meet your only titi, and I know she would had cared for the two of you so much, she was just so full of love.....I am sorry girls but mami is sad, is so hard to think she is not here anymore.
Okey girls I will cheer up for you guys, I know Samia is excited to see her baba and mami is very happy to see Yehia, not sure if Gamila knows what is going on, but I know Baba is counting the hours to meet us in New york.
Yehia I miss you allot and I can not wait to see you and I know you are feeling the same, not sure if we could be away from you for so long again!
On another note here is the recipe for yogurt.

  • Take a flat Pyrex rectangular fill it with hot water and put in the oven turn on the oven to warm it up
  • Warm the milk not boiling just warm 1 liter
  • Mix with one spoon of plain yogurt
  • Then in small glasses Pyrex pour the mixture and put these glasses in the Pyrex that you have in the oven
  • Turn off the oven cover the glasses with a towel and leave it there for 4 hours
  • Check the yogurt till you see it is a little hard
  • Then put in the fridge

Samia you made all of us laugh today, when you were looking out of the window earlier today you say the man that pushes his car screaming "gilaba" I did not see this or notice it but you notice he sells ice cream. AT night maybe 10 o'clock when you went with Guido and Zetu to drop off Mona at the bus stop, you saw the man and you started to scream "gilaba, gilaba" you wanted the ice cream, Guido could not buy it from him since is made with tap water and so on, and you were so upset they had to go and buy you ice cream somewhere else. But we were so amazed you remember him and even remember what he screams in arabic, you are gorgeous my gorda or like you will say mami "I have which you pronounce I hape and idea"

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Amanda said...

Aww! I bet it is so sad to leave. I have really enjoyed reading about your travels. It is so interesting to hear about life in other countries!