Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Playmates. Bad Hair Day, Enigma Nadara

So yesterday some of Samia's friend came over, they had so much fun, and I realize Gamila really enjoys being among all of the kids.
Since there is no dull day in these house last night baba decided to be a rock star with his enigma nadara (star glasses)even Siwa enjoy the rock star night.
It was also a bad hair day in the house. Is funny Milo but I just don't know how to brush your hair, I have never dealt with curly hair....but I promise you my princess I will learn how to brush those curls.
Tonight we will be going to another Halloween party!!!!
On another note, yesterday I was listening to the news and once again Colombia is mention by the Republican party. First it was McCain the one that mention Colombia in one of his debates, really not much was spoken the first time just about the Free Trade, and yesterday his running mate mention Tito the builder who happens to be a Colombia....we ROCK!!!!!! I know nenas mamy is magnoona.
So Gamila in a couple of days you will be 1 year old...I can not believe how fast time goes by. But like an Egyptian Taxi driver said "The hands of the clock only move forward", and with this being said nenas always remember to move forward only take a glimpse of the back, never go back.
So Milo I have decided that I will make your cake this year in the shape of a caterpillar few reasons to choose a caterpillar. First you are always moving around trying and secondly you love your little caterpillar toy.

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