Friday, October 24, 2008

Random comparaciones

Bueno nenas today I will talk to you guys about the differences between Colombia, Egypt and the States, I am writing this in the year 2008 so not sure what it is going to be like in 2025, 2034....

I have being back from Egypt about 3 weeks, and the last time we I went to Colombia was about 8 years ago..but I talk to abuelo once a week and sometimes 2 times per week and is sad to say but things don't change much.

I know is might sound odd but I feel safer in Egypt than in Colombia, at least I can go outside with my jewelry and not worry that they are going to cut my finger off ...or worse give me burundanga (what is burundanga) actually one of my uncles was robbed with burundanga. Is a powder that is giving to you. My uncle was in a pay phone and a man came and ask him for something he touch his hand and got burundanga, it takes a while to take effect, they followed my uncle and when he was out. They took his clothes his money everything it makes you sleep and forget, they left you in the middle of the street just with underwear....I know is sad, but girls things like this can happen, so don't be naive there is good and bad in this world.

In Egypt you don't see policeman or the army in the middle of the street with big gun machines (well that is my experience), in Colombia is common to be in the middle of the street and see the army with its big weapons. Here in the states is a beauty you rarely see something like that.

In this subject Colombia and Egypt are the same to get a permit a license or any kind of public service you will get your service by bribe let me rephrase it by helping someone that works in the office. Here in the states you go make your line, wait for you number and most likely your permit or license would be issue.

In Colombia or Egypt we don't buy garbage bags we used the bags that are given in the stores, here in the states we buy garbage bags.

In Colombia or Egypt we wash every single container for instance the ketchup container is wash to be used in a later time.

In Colombia or Egypt no such thing as hand soap, body soap, like abuelo would say "Soap is soap, it makes foam"

Children allergies are unheard of in Colombia or Egypt, they don't ask you can your child eat peanut butter, strawberries, or milk is not even in our vocabulary, so it makes me wonders what is so different from the kids in Colombia or Egypt.

Children start to be potty train at 1 year old, I guess moms get tired of washing the cloth diapers and the plastic are so expensive.

There are so many things we can compare as more things come up to my head I will make sure
to post them.

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