Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dog Crate, Fight, Toy Insight

I had no idea the fights between girls were going to start so soon, but they already here, Samia you are always picking on Samia today you even bang her against the kitchen floor that her lip was cut and bleeding. Is so hard to get mad at you and I think you don't really know what you are doing is wrong.

Gamila you are already climbing onto the musical zebra not sure how you do it, since you are so tiny.

Samia for some reason when Siwa is not in her crate you want to make it your hang out.

On another note Christmas is coming and I guess the joy of being a mom is buying all of these toys I will be sincere in my personal opinion I think that at the age that my girls are is more like a parent satisfaction to buy the toys. I have notice it with my girls they only play with the toys for a few minutes and then they are forgotten. From all the toys we have I will venture to say that maybe 3 or 4 are used over and over again.
Today I counted your books Samia and you have over 45 books Mami is insane you don't even read.....I guess that this blog is not only for you girls but for me to stop and see my faults and correct them this way I can be a better educator...nenas is okey to make mistakes many mistakes the important part is to learn from them and I don't mean learn by saying I did this and is wrong is by changing and once again nenas changing is not achieved in the first try it might take many tries, but I promise you that one day you will see the change and that is when perseverance has paid off.

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