Friday, October 24, 2008

What mami loves!

Nenas is 2008 and this is what mami likes to do:

  • Watch my spanish novelas and yes mami can watch 3 or 4 in a day bit and pieces here and there and if she can not watch the whole episodes (which now is most of the time) mami makes sure to watch the end so she can see what is going to happen the next episode.

  • Read, read, read, read in the bathroom in the bed in the couch, everything I can get my hands on

  • Surf the net

  • Pick up the toys every hour or so...I know nenas is insane but still at this rate I can not keep up with you guys.

  • Bake and eat the raw dough

  • Talk in the phone with Abuela, Ana, Annie, Alegria

  • Text baba

  • Take pictures

  • Watch CNN and follow the politics yes I am a politic addict

  • Mami is very inquisitive so every time I hear something I have to google it and find out why? this can get me in trouble sometimes

  • I try everyday to have at least 10 minutes of crazy girls time, I carry you guys put my salsa, cumbia loud and scream and dance with the 2 of you is Crazy Girls time!
  • I love to put my spanish music loud in the car and sing, Samia lately you have started to tell me mami sing sing

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