Monday, October 27, 2008

Library Donkey, Little Stuart (Samia), Zussu's creations!

So today I was reading a little bit about Colombia and I found something intersting, since in Colombia there are so many remote villages and children have no access to books a teacher came with the idea of loading a donkey and traveling to these areas to teach the children. This teacher started his library with 70 books and one donkey now he has two donkeys Alfa and Beto and over 4800 books. Nenas take this as an example nothing is impossible, the human mind can do wonders, be creative you will be amaze how much fun it can be. Be original, don't ever be embarrass of your ideas or think that they don't count, what can start as a small idea can turn into something very big.

I am also going to start making lines to separate the subjects and easier for you guys to read.

Samia you did the funniest thing today, when we were in Egypt we bought you a few Arabic movies, this way you can watch them in English, Spanish and Arabic among those DVD's was "Stuart Little" so today you had being watching the DVD when dinner time came around, Baba lifted you to put you in your chair. All of a sudden you started to cry and saying "NO, NO" so baba figure you wanted the office chair, there are times you like to eat in that chair but no you kept on crying and started to point to the dinner table. I did not understand what you meant, so I said "Princess don't cry" and you started to point to the table and you said Stuart. I looked at baba and told him she wants to eat like Stuart, he eats in top of the table, so surely enough you ate in top of the the table

Most likely by the time you read this, Stuart Little would be unheard off.


Today the weather finally felt like fall weather, so I decided to clean out the closet and sort out the clothes. There are so many items I have saved from special occasions, I will start taking pictures of the keepsakes I am saving I we have to be realistic what if they get lost among the moves, a hurricane comes etc etc..

Gamila here are a few pictures of of you wearing the hat, sweater, and booties that Suzzu crochet for you guys.

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