Sunday, October 12, 2008

A New Siwa& Hat Fair & Houdini & Girls NONONO

So finally came the time to pick Siwa, it was something we wanted to do since the day I arrived. Girls Siwa came after Morena, but Mori was trained by me and she was a good dog a bit hyper since we got her as a puppy, but Siwa was 1000 times more hyper than Mori, or I should say she was.

When we got Siwa I was a little hesitant, I was afraid it was not the right move two babies at home and a crazy yellow lab...but girls baba loves animals, and Samia at your short age I see that you are going to be an animal lover as when we were leaving to Egypt we decided to take Siwa to a school to have her train.

Yesterday we finally pick her up and it was to be imagine the moment she saw us all hell got loose, poor man felt so embarrass he could not even control her. Baba as the calm person that he is started to practice the commands with her and within 15 minutes she was okey not great but okey.

Baba tells me Mistika let's take her home and you are going to see after we give her love and she is back home she is going to be great...and surely enough we have a new Siwa, polite, obedient, and most important she can be walk not like before that she would drag me....Samia you are even kissing her head, giving her the commands, showing her your toys. Gamila you are a bit afraid but I guess is the size of Siwa compare to you that scares the heck out of you, however today you did much better.

Today I cook Sopa de Albondigas con Tortillas de Huevo...abuela used to make this soup when I was a little girl and absolutely love it, I don't know why but the Palacio family loves soup and girls you are like that, I think you could eat soup everyday (well I guess I am to blame, I try to cook soup always for lunch, a family thing) here is the recipe, Samia you ate like two plates, Gamila you ate it but the tortilla was a bit hard for you to swallow.
  • Take some ground beef season it with salt make albondigas (meatballs) make them small nenas.

  • Put some water to boil, with some of the spanish seasoning Goya (hopefully still around by the time you guys cook it) if it is not around use un cubito de Knor beef would do it, add a little bit of salt.

  • Peel some potatoes cut them in small squares add them to the boiling water.

  • Once the water with the potatoes and the seasoning starts to boil insert the albondigas and cover it.

  • While this cooks take some oil and warm it up, take 2 eggs and beat them with a little salt.

  • Once the oil is warm drop some of the eggs not allot so you can make little tortillitas, fry them and then put them in a plate.

  • Put the tortillas de huevo inside the soup when everything is cook and you are just going to turn off the power and cover it.
Today for the first time the two of you played like sisters and did something that had me screaming NO NO NO....
Samia you were into hats today and you drag your sister into your game, I was amaze how you made Gamila kept her hat on.

Today I had a scared Gamila aka Houdini almost jump from her high chair, we were all home and left Gamila in her high chair for a couple of minutes while we got ready. When I go to grab her to dress her up I found Gamila trying to get herself out of the chair not sure how she stood up, I keep the straps tight since I know she is my little worm.

The action did not stop there once again a few minutes I am not looking because I am getting the pajamas to start giving them baths, when baba calls me and what do we find, 4 hands inside the toilet bowl, not sure who started this, the only thing I know is that I was screaming NO NO NO.

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