Monday, October 13, 2008

Halloween Shirts! Friends Philosophy!

It would be Samia's 3rd Halloween and Gamila's first Halloween, and mami decided to make you guys some Halloween shirts....nenas back in Colombia Abuela used to make all of our halloween items, since years ago, all of these holiday were not so commercial as now days.

Samia I do have to say you helped me design some parts of the shirts, it was fun doing it with you have become my best that I am touching this subject nenas remember always something in life true friends are very few, the rest are just acquantices.

Today when I was driving I was thinking when I did not have kids I used to drive and think, now I only get to think 50% of the time, the other 50% I am listening to Gamila talk jibi jab, and I have Samia asking me 1000 questions today she left me speechless she is asking me mami fein Shams...wich means where is the sun.
I know nenas I have mention this before but I always wonder if you guys would read this when you get older, or wich of the two would enjoy it more, but today I also realize that it would be nice for me to read this when I am old and the two of you have left baba and me and are building your own lives, it would be a pleasure for me to read all of these and remember everything.....

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