Friday, October 31, 2008

The new cleaning lady! Seamstress in panic!

So today we did not feel so well and we stayed home. Gamila had a cough the whole night. Samia has mocos all over the place (mocos buggers like Samia calls them). Mami has a combination from what Samia and Gamila have, it always happens I am the last one to get the germs.
Like many of my mami's friends know staying at home means cleaning, picking up and trying to finish projects. Today I was lucky enough to get help from a new cleaning lady that only uses Elmo products. Samia decided to help me clean with her Elmo towel...truly she did help me allot at least she wet the kitchen floor, and the bathroom floor for me so there was not need for me to throw water I just had to sprinkle the vinegar like I always do. Yes yes nenas mami likes to clean with vinegar is very healthy no chemicals and takes germs, grease everything away. Abuela always mops the floors with vinegar.

After cleaning the house I decided to make a pillow dress for Samia with some princess fabric since she loves it so much, I let her pick the fabric since I have a few different princess pattern fabric. Samia you touch the fabric, you smelled etc. etc. in other words it took you forever, you finally decided for the pink one. OH GOSH what did I encounter after she chased me all over the house "Mami you make for me" Yes Samia mami te va hacer el verstido (yes samia mami would make you the dress) so then you amazed me with CUANDO (WHEN), I had no idea you knew I think I have heard CUANDO over 100 times today.


Nenas today I was thinking I don't have a sister but I do have two wonderful brothers. Your tios are very different from each other. Tio Mauricio is funny, giving, wild and most important a great friend, he is optimistic and he is the guy to called when you are feeling down, just with one word Tio Mauricio would lift you up. Tio Cesar is quite, thoughtful, analytical and very caring this would be the Tio to call when you are in trouble and need an advice he would be the perfect person. My two brothers have always being there for me like I have always being there for them...I have never doubt that they would do anything for me and something I have to admire from the two of them is that they have never be judgemental.
I would not ask you girls to be like Cesar, Maurico and Mami are, because that would be imposing. I just want you to know that the relationship between siblings is one of the most beautiful relationships a human can have...nenas always remember relationships are like flowers you have to plant them, water them, and take care of them daily, so they can grow.

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