Sunday, October 26, 2008

Facts 10.26.08

So nenas I have being thinking lately,  I write here in this blog, but like they always say you can learn alot from a person thru their handwritting.  So I will try my best to keep up with this, every end of the week I upload all of my pictures and I send all of my family members an email with the link.  So what I would start doing for my two princesas is that during the week I will keep a paper with notes of facts I have learn during the week, this way you guys can see mami's handwritting everyday and also learn something.  Usually when I hear something that catches my attention I like to read about. 
I wanted to scan it but mami does not have a scanner for now, so I will take pictures eventually mami would make up her mind and buy the scanner.....como diria Abuela compralo mijita te va servir...maybe I will buy it for my birthday.

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