Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Gordas in life they say nothing is easy maybe is because us as humans are never satisfied we always looking for something else to do...why is so hard to sit and just relax breath in and breath out, look around us and appreciate what we have.

Mis amores try to always look around you and find something beautiful it does not have to be material items because remember material stuff comes and goes.

Nenas to have fun you don't have to be somewhere, try to make it fun all the time, enjoy each other as sisters first and one day when you guys are older and get marry or make a life of your own Inshallah and have children enjoy your family and teach them that there is beauty everywhere we look it can be the smallest thing.

Being a mom is the best thing that could had happend in my life. Although new expectations have arisen in my life since you guys came around I am learning to control those expectations and learnign to let the two of you be yourself. I promise you my girls I will work everyday in letting each of you to be yourselves, I will teach you guys the foundation you will need later on life but I will learn little by little to let the two of you develop and follow your paths.

Las adoro mis princesas!!!!

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