Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sister Love, Missing my family.

Nenas lately you love to play together in the crib together or I should rephrase every time Samia sees Gamila she wants to go in there and play with her. I love it but it makes me a bit nervous since Samia still is small and you tend to push your sister or get in top of her.

Samia today while mami and baba were making yogurt you went inside the liquor cabinet it was so funny.

Inshallah in 4 weeks I will get to see Abuela, Nono, tio Mauricio y tio Cesar, I can not wait, I miss being with times I wish she would only live closer it would be so much help with the girls, and I feel bad that she does not get to enjoy the daily things with the girls. Nenas like they say you never know how much you are going to miss something till is gone, I really wish that when you guys grow up you can be next to me all the time but I know that is not possible at all times. But always remember girls distance is not going to change the relationship with baba and mami nor between the two of you.

I can not imagine how much technology is going to be around that days we have cell phones, text messages, talking thru the computer, video thru computer, I would not be amazed that when you guys grow up telephone with TV screens are going to be affordable or an every day commodities like the home phone is to us now days.

Bueno mis reinas las amo y siempre sere su novia.

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