Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Disecting a monitor, 1st house, Shower fun

Samia lately you talk allot about titi Mio, back in Egypt one time you told me titi Mio open the bathroom door while you and I were inside..I really did not put attention. However since we have being back you have mention titi several times. Today while we were in bed you pointed towards the closet and said Titi Mio, I asked you where and you told me you touch her. I really have no explanation about it, the only thing I can think of is that she loved you so much maybe you see her as an angel.

So I told baba and he told me some stories from titi Mio, the first time titi came to New York girls baba used to live with his uncle, so one night everybody went to sleep and she was playing in the computer, apparently while she was in the computer the monitor turn off and would not turn on our Mio decided to open it up...about 3 o'clock in the morning she goes and wakes up baba and tells him come and help me close it up...baba could not stop laughing when he went outside and found the monitor all open...nenas that was your titi..

Oh or should I mention like the time we rode in a bus to hurghada for about 7 hours without having a hotel reservation.....that was titi.

So today we went to pick out the floor, ceramic and all of that good stuff for our 1st house. I am so happy we have work so hard for it, and now we are starting to see the seeds growing and growing high up.

Nenas I know I mention this before start from the bottom, never envy what others have. See life like a road trip, some people start earlier than others, some make gas stops, some drive the whole night, some take rest so we all are in the same road but in different places. Eventually you would make it to that final destination, and keep on mind girls Samia's final destination might be different than Gamila's. And yes once again respect each others road trip and be there for each other as a road assistance.

Gamila you are starting to enjoy your bath, you love the water now specially when you play with baba and Samia.

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