Friday, October 17, 2008

Verdad o Mentira, Chocking my sister, Drummer

Samia I should mention that today was the first time you flash your nalgas to all the people that were at the cafeteria at the mall, you told me you needed to go to the 7amam and I kept on postponing when all of a sudden I turn around and what do I see your nalgas(butt), it was funny but embarrassing at the same time.

At home things are fine just allot of running around now that you are crawling Gamila you are getting into Samia's toys and there is allot of pushing, pinching, time I am not sure how to handle the situation since the two of you are still so small.

Mentira o Verdad, Samia cuando me dices que quieres hacer pipi yo te pregunto mentira o verdad y tu siempre con esa voz tan encantadora me respondes verdad mami....although Samia is not always like that yesterday I caught you in a lie, you told me that Gamila rip off the page from the book when I actually saw it was you...and after I said then Gamila is going to have to be spank with the chancla you run to get it...I guess your conscious has not develop yet.

Samia not sure what goes thru your mind....well I do know you think your poor sister is a horse you were trying to ride her poor Milo had 32 lbs in top of her thank God I arrived right also think you are a talk in the phone in three languages it amazes can be so sweet but also so persistent and annoying at the same are so quite that is hard to believe what you do all of that stuff, if I did not see it with my own eyes I would not believe I just catch you almost trying to pull your sisters arm off her shoulder.

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