Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Yehia is going back, new friend, hot hot hot

So I being off the loop the last couple of days, tonight Yehia catches the super jet to go into Cairo to take his plane tomorrow morning meaning Thursday morning Egyptian time, he would be home God willing on Thursday night!
I am going to miss him so much, since really he is my translator so the next couple of weeks my arabic is going to kick in full gear.
So a few things have happened lately, on Monday we decided to take Gamila to the Dr. since she has this diaper rash that would not go away, I think is because of the heat, the quality of the pampers but I was afraid that i would be a fungus.
So at around 10 o'clock at night we decided to take her to the Dr. so I am assuming it would be tomorrow morning when we go and see him, when all of a sudden I see Guido all dress up to go and I am like is night and they are like don't worry the Dr. would be open. So we walk a few blocks to make it to this old building in the 3rd floor by now is about 10:30 PM the secretary right away tell us is too late, Yehia's father insist in seeing the Dr. in the waiting area there is another girl with a little boy crying out of the top of his lungs, well to our surprise all of the sudden the Dr. comes out running like thief towards upstairs where he has his apartment. Well it was 10:30 PM and he was close, but it was out of a movie to see this man running between the ladies in full galabeyas, Yehia's dad and his secretary so he would not be stooped by any of them (however the part I can not understand is why do you have to run away from your own practice, weird way of practicing medicine in Egypt)
So Suzzu the great grandmother roughly 86 years old, comes and gives me a container from a remedy she made for Gamila mixture of Zinc Oxide and olive oil, that I don't even want to know where she got it from she told us she gets it from a hardware store, she uses it to make her own soap, hard to believe that in today's world somebody makes their own soap for daily use, but she is a lady full of stories and we love listening to them, the best part is when she talks to me like I understand everything she says however I do have to say she puts so much effort that I understands roughly 50% of what she says. Here is the recipe to make soap I just got ingredients but not measurements
Flour, the zinc oxide, ariel detergent powered, alcohol, olive oil and something called Zahra (is like a whitening agent) she mixes all of it and she spreads in a big old pan 3 inch depth that she covers with newspaper then she spreads the mixture on top evenly and let's it to dry and once it is dry she flips it, peels the newspaper and let's it dry for more, then she has an old knife that she calls her soap knife I am talking that her utensils are about 50 years or more this are things her mother used to use and a piece of info her mother did not die till she was 104 years old. Got of track here after the soap is dry she cuts in squares and storage's in top of the kitchen cabinet. In Yehia's house is very common to find things that are more than 100 years old, in this country like in many third world countries including my Colombia people don't throw things aways it is just to costly to do so.

So last night we are home like always the house full of people, specially coming to say goodbye to Yehia, and all of a sudden a see a girl that comes in wearing khemar which is the black galabeya with the face cover were you can just see her eyes. To tell you the truth I have seeing more and more of this ladies wearing this in the streets and in a way I have being taken back a little bit, but yesterday after meeting this girl Amira and her 4 month old baby I was though a lesson of acceptance. I see her running into the house taken off her face veil off and what is behind it is this pretty, funny and hyper she is just adorable, I even asked her let me see it and she showed it to me, just a regular girls full of spark and life so needless to say Girls one can not judge anybody just by their clothing, and she said something so nice "Religion is for God the country is for everybody" I was really amazed with this girl, this could definitely be a girl that I would hang with laughing, making jokes, sweet like they say el 7elawy di....(sorry for my arabic).

Okey tonight would be my first night sleeping alone without Yehia upstairs, a little sad since Mio should be here making us company but I know she is looking over us, and taking care of all us. She was just such an angel in earth I can guarantee you she is an angel full of light above us...Mio I know you can not read this but you know how much I love you and my girls would always know about the wonderful aunt they had and how much you loved them and you wanted to carry them and play with them.

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ky Mortensen said...

I miss your beautiful girls...we can't wait to come back to BR to see all of our play group friends.-Victoria Mortensen