Friday, September 26, 2008

Shoes! Balloon fight! Y otras vainas!

Wow I finally got my recipes down, I have being working on that post for the longest, but I am not good at writing recipes so I just keep on putting it off, but I know girls you will really enjoy to cook all of that yummy food Suzzu, Zetu make back home.
Mami hay si te quedastes atras, ya que la cocina no es tu materia fuerte, pero tu sabes que te queremos mucho! (Mom, I am sorry but here you are behind, since cooking is not your strongest subject, but you know we love you !).
Today is the last Friday of Ramadan the Eid is coming in the next 2 or 3 days and the people are starting to get prepare is pretty much like our Christmas, kids get gifts, and is just 3 days of eating and giving gifts to the kids.
Also as tradition the kids have to wear new outfits and shoes, so the outfits I had bring, but no new shoes for my girls.
So we decided to go and get them shoes, the best part Samia is that we bought your shoes in the same store they used to buy your baba's and your titi Mio's shoes. It was so neat, Milo sorry but for you they did not have so I opted for just plain white socks, anyway you are going to take them off.
Earlier today also Samia and Guido went out and bought some balloons so Samia had a balloon fight with her Zussu she just loves playing with you girls
From week of 9.28.08

From week of 9.28.08
Girls you guys are going to be so spoil when you go back from so much love to just baba and mami, but Inshallah soon we will see Tio Cesar, Tio Fabio, Tia Monica, Abuela y Nono.
From week of 9.28.08

Okey so what is other vainas is pretty much miscellaneous!
Nenas or my girls like I always call you time flies I can not believe my blue, green, gray eye girl would be a year in less than two months, Gamila you have being a whole different experience from Samia, more daring, very talkative, very active, more like the little boy we don't have. Samia you on the other hand have being my polite little girl, I hope you never change is one of your best characteristics how polite you are. Now that I am a mom I agree with Abuela a kid is not a devil because he is like that is because his parents did not put limits. A child is not to be blame for his behavior is because his parents did not take the time to teach them. Girls is not easy being a mom, I think one of the biggest challenge is getting to your little ones in all of their stages, I guess is a training for when they get older. I have learn in my short time as a mom that the way I spoke to Samia 3 months ago does not work now, she is chancing learning new things so I have to use new tactics so she knows what is right and wrong. I would assume that what works for Gamila might now work for Samia is two different personalities. I will say the other biggest challenge as a parent is being persistent, is not fair to apprehend a child fro something today and not follow it tomorrow, either because we are too busy or too tired. I think nenas I have told you this before but persistence is a great virtue is one that would give you great accomplishments, always used it in everything in your lives no matter if it is a big thing or a small thing you are trying to accomplish, just be persistent.
Las amo gordas mias, un besito de su mami que las quiere mucho y siempre les desea lo mejor...

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