Saturday, September 27, 2008

Salam Mio

So our return is getting close, but I go away sad because Mio could not come back with us like we wanted. Amira here I am using your computer your room, the room where you will sit and talk with me for hours daily. You telling me about your friends, and me telling you about Yehia and the girls...I really miss those days and would always do.
Is not easy being in your room knowing that a few years back we were here laughing talking and making plans, and now I am alone remembering everything without you.
I know you will not read this but I want to tell you, that your Samia has open every single draw you could get her hands into, she has jump, eat, write and even sleep in your bed, I know this what you always wanted.
I open your draws and I can still see all of the clothes and smell you, I wonder why it had to be this way, why you did not stay longer so we could enjoy you. There are times is still very surreal to me how, why????? I even use your lifa, knowing that a couple of months ago you were using it, I use your mirror, knowing also that a few months ago you were using it all the time, and I will take it with me and keep it always, I know you love that mirror. I still remember when we were going out I will tell you Miro when you finish putting your make up on let me know so I can start getting ready, back then you had just started to use the hijab and it would take you for ever to put it on, but only one second to take it off. I would assume you became and expert on it. You look beautiful with it or without it. I still find your beautiful hair all over the house letting me know you are still here in a way.
Oh I always remember the ongoing fight you had with your shirts if they were not long enough you will pull them, and we used to laugh all the time....oh I forgot to tell you I finish your last nescafe I had to buy more....oh and I used your cappuccinos those were wonderful. Drinking the coffee I remember our times sipping coffee together in the late hours of the night.
I promise you I will always talk to my girls about their titi Mio and I will always do, I miss you and please look over us although there is no need to ask I know you are already are!!! Miss you Miro, Mio, Habibi, Amoura......
From Pictures from Amira's computer

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